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L'Annee Philologique database

Access from within the library computer room has now been restored and there are new features available - Click here for more information about this resource

Library's annual summer closure 2018

The Library will close for two weeks from Friday 17th August at 6.00 pm and will re-open on Monday 3rd September at 9.30 a.m.

Evening opening has now ended for the Summer term

Evening opening will begin again on Tuesday 2nd October 2018.
Details of evening opening for the next academic session are on the Opening hours web page

Scanner update

The Zeutschel engineers have visited to service the scanner and advised that scans should be limited to 20-30 pages in each file when saving to USB or when making print copies, due to the limitations on file storage size which is c. 2 Gigabytes. This also prevents the loss of a large number of scans in case of a power cut.

Library lobby refurbishment

There is a new sign / notice board area for the Institute of Classical Studies / Hellenic and Roman Library. The lockers are located behind the white wall which provides a backdrop to the seating area. Notices for events / seminars are displayed on the main wall and on the side wall nearest the library desk

Postal charges

Royal Mail have increased their postage charges by a small amount which will be reflected in our outward postal charges.

Classmark 205

Books with the classmark 205 (Archaeological methods; Conservation; The use of musuems, preservation of antiquities) have been moved from the rolling stacks at the end of the archaeology room into the Librarian's office and can be requested at the Library desk.

Lockers - update

The locks on 16 of the turquoise lockers have now been replaced, giving a total of 79 for our readers. Please be sure to leave the key in place at the end of the day.

Scanner - new table

The Library now has a larger table for the scanner giving more space for readers to place their books / journals to the left of the scanner.

Clear plastic bags

The library now has bags with the Institute of Classical Studies / Hellenic and Roman Library name on for readers to use in the library.

Additional lockers

There are now 12 extra white lockers available for readers to use. These are in addition to the existing turquoise lockers.

New HARL website now available

Details of the new appeal to raise money to secure the future of the Hellenic and Roman Library.

Additional security loops on study desks

Eight more security loops for use with lap top computers have now been fitted so that all library desk areas have this facility. Readers are encouraged to use bring their own security cable to make use of this facility.

Monsters Free Public engagement evening October 2017

The library had a display of rare books which has now been removed but the accompanying notes are available here.

Hellenic and Roman Societies' sculpture day

The library set up a display of rare books in 3 cases for those attending the Sculpture day on 28th June 2017. The accompanying notes are available here.


We have had a foot pedal fitted to the Zeutschel scanner which allows members to hold the pages flat on the scanner bed (as usual) and not have to release a finger to press the scan button or bars.

Movement of two journal titles from ST.5

To allow for more space in the rolling stacks, the following 2 journal titles have been moved to fixed shelving close by, near to the bays of current titles: Atene e Roma; Athenaeum.

Library Survey May 2017

We would like to thank the 169 people who responded to our survey in May. A report is now available.

Access to JSTOR journals database

Remote access is now available for current members of the Roman Society and Hellenic Society.
To access this resource: use this link to login to your Library record, using your name and Library barcode number.
Then click on the option for Catalogue Search and in the title search, input the phrase JSTOR journal storage and select the option - Off site access available for University of London students and staff with current SHL or SAS cards.
If you are a member of either / both Societies and have not been issued with a plastic library card, please use the following link to contact the Library and one will be posted to you (please confirm postal address) or you may collect one at the Library desk.

New arrangement: Payments for the Joint Library and Postal charges

All payments should now be made out to The Hellenic and Roman Library (and not Roman Society-Joint Library). Postage charges went up again on March 27th 2017 so this will be reflected in our outward charges for readers.

Temporary cards

Library staff will issue a temporary library card for readers who forget their ICS or Society cards at a cost of 1.00. Readers will need to produce an appropriate form of identification.

Beware of thieves using violence to steal mobile phones in the University area

There have been a number of thefts from pedestrians using phones in the Keppel Street / Malet Street, Russell Square, Bedford Square areas close to the University in recent months. The thieves operate as follows:
A passenger on a motobike or moped snatches mobile phones out of the hands of pedestrians. Please be vigilant and avoid using your phone by the roadside.

A new height adjustable chair and table, portable book holder and coloured page overlays are now available

The library now has a table which can be adjusted for readers which is located near the books on religion / mythology in the history / civilisation room. A portable book holder and coloured page overlays are available to use in the library. Please ask for this at the Library reception desk.

New Library Agreement

The Library is very pleased to announce that the new twenty-five year agreement between the University of London and the Hellenic and Roman Library (HARL) concerning the management and finance of the Library was finally signed on 28 April 2016, with a view to securing and stabilising its long-term future. Thanks are due to all parties who were involved in the protracted negotiations. As a result of this agreement, the University of London will henceforward be responsible for providing and paying for space, while HARL (i.e. the Societies) will be responsible for the costs associated with the Library staff: a fund-raising campaign will be launched to assist with this. Under the terms of the agreement the current Library Committee will be superseded by two new Committees: a Combined Library Management Committee and a Collections Development Committee.

Loss of Library card

If anyone has lost / misplaced their library card, it is essential that this is reported to library staff immediately

Free Offprints / pamphlets in the Numismatics Room

Please help youself to any of the offprints from Room 345 at the far end of the Library.

Library Annual Report

The current report for 2016-2017 is now available.
The previous reports for 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 are also available.

Virtual Tour of the Library

Please note that the library reception area is now to the left of the lifts and no longer looks like the image below.

Winnington Ingram Trainee Library Post

Applications for 2018 / 2019 are now closed. Details about the post may be found here.

Payments to the Joint Library of the Hellenic & Roman Societies

Please note that all payments for Joint Library business (for scans / prints / postage / sales of books from our duplicate book sale shelves / donations and fines) are to be paid into a new account "The Hellenic and Roman Library". Due to the charges imposed with credit / debit card payments, we can only accept card payments for amounts of 10.00 and over.

New Library Service

By registering your email address to the New Books List you will receive an monthly announcement giving details of the books recently acquired by the library arranged by subject categories. Please note that there maybe problems sending this list to gmail accounts

Opening hours / Closure periods

Full details are provided here Opening hours / Closure periods

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