Undertaking research: a guide to selected resources

see also a similar listing compiled by Andrew Stiles (Merton College, Oxford) Classics Resources


Library Catalogues

Senate House Libraries Catalogue: Catalogue for Senate House Libraries.

COPAC: This catalogue contains information on the holdings of many research libraries in the UK including the British Library.

Union List of Serials This is a combined catalogue of the titles of Journals or Newspapers held in the libraries of the University of London. Click in the Drop down box and select Union List of Serials instead of M25 Libraries

Databases and Software (CR = Computer room only)

Greek literature :  (CR) Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)  Search in Greek.  This database contains virtually all Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8 c. B.C.) and the fall of Byzantium in A.D. 1453
c. 91 million words.   Follow link for Institutional subscribers.

Latin Literature:  Packard Humanities Institute  now freely available online http://latin.packhum.org/index

Greek Papyri and Inscriptions: Papyrological Navigator.

Latin inscriptions:  German Universities Epigraphic project and links to other databases.

Bibliographic Resources - online resources

Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciples J.S.Wellington.  At Library desk and at X140D (2003) Prev. ed. 1983.

L'Annee Philologique (CR). The year’s work in Classical Studies. Online and at X140D. Print copy always long after electronic version. .

Dyabola (CR)  for original version.  Select option for Realkatalog. Includes subject tree of archaeological and historical headings with subdivisions, and keyword, author and title search. Please note: Password required. Please ask at the library desk. An online ( free) version of this called Zenon is also available

TOCS-IN  Freely available online. Basic keyword and author search. Mainly 1992 onwards.

Gnomon, A very large database.  Freely available online.  Thesaurus based database, also keyword, author indexes. For more recent entries, includes references to: Pauly Wissova (abbrev RE), Oxford Classical Dictionary,  ANRW. = Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt  (X119C TEM)– also has online index http://www.cs.uky.edu/~raphael/scaife/anrw.html



Subject Based Resources

Arachne. Object based database from the German Archaeological Institute in Cologne. Registration required.

Barrington Atlas and Gazeteer (or CD ROM Gazeteer)

Beazley Archive (Pottery database)

Lexicon of Iconographicum Mythologicae Classicae  In the library at X146B. Multi-volume text and plates. There is now an online link to a database which permits detailed enquiries: LIMC Database while Iconocline provides a link to images and LIMC - France provides access to the database of the French team of the LIMC

Oxford Classical Dictionary 4th ed. 2012. In the library at X62

Perseus Library has 4 CD ROM version loaded on computer C. New version available online. Combination of archaeological and literary references, and photographic images of sites, vase paintings. Includes some data from Princeton Encyclopaedia of Classical Sites (1976).

Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites 1976 Also on Perseus

Sheet maps Especially new Greek and Italian series. Ask at Library desk.

Useful Websites and related resources


American Journal of Archeology


Archaeology Data Service 95,000 sites, monuments in UK


Mary Beard's blog


British Museum


Classics at Cambridge


Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents Oxford University


Classics Confidential : A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of Classics with details of the latest Classics-based stories that have been hitting the news and featuring interviews with a wide range of people involved in the subject, from Profs to PhD students, all talking personally, and passionately


Digital Classicist Humanities computing applied to the study of the ancient world


Institute of Classical Studies  Check here for London meetings and seminars, and follow  link for Postgraduate work-in-progress seminars.


Lacus Curtius Images of Roman sites, texts of a selection of Latin authors, Smith’s Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, (1875) etc


Oxford University Site for Classics


Princeton University, USA


Rassegna (Rassegna degli Strumenti Informatici per lo Studio dell'Antichità Classica) texts and archaeology.


Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Use the Link button to access Maria Pantelia's Resources for Classics


Vindolanda Tablets Online