Bibliographic Search Resources

An A - Z list of the bibliographic search resources to which the library has access. For the computing resources, you must be using one of the library computers in order to access the materials. This excludes TOCS-IN, which is freely available.

Please note that in order to access Dyabola, you must ask at the library desk for the password.

Bibliographie Instrumentum 1994-2001 by M.Feugère et al.
To accompany book at classmark X127F in the library - a bibliography covering a wide range of crafts / industries including: military equipment, works of art, textiles and medical instruments.

Bibliographie Papyrologique / Subsidia Papyrologia. 1.0
An index to books, book reviews, periodical articles and conference papers on papyrological themes issued by the Fondation Egyptologique Reine Elizabeth in Brussels since 1932. This electronic version covers 1960 onwards and updates the card index. An online version is now freely available: Papyri database The web page which includees the Subject scheme is very useful.

Bibliographies for Roman Studies Tools of the Trade was conceived by Lowell Edmunds as a bibliographic guide for graduate students and others interested in furthering their knowledge of the Roman world. When the expansion of scholarly resources and the growing capabilities of web-based publication made a second edition desirable, Professor Edmunds decided to divide the project into thirteen discrete bibliographies, each with its own editor/compiler. At this point, the project was passed on to Sander M. Goldberg of UCLA, who has assumed responsibility for editing the final documents and posting them on this site. The content and form of each bibliography has been determined by the subject editor, who is identified in the heading for each document. Specific suggestions, questions, and comments about its content should be addressed to that individual. General questions and comments should be addressed to Professor Goldberg.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Vols 1-7 (1990-1996) on CD ROM, in add ition to printed version. (Use on the iMac) Loaded onto hard drive. It is also available online and includes the Bryn Maw Electronic Resources Review.

References to books, conference papers, journal articles in German Archaeological Institute in Rome, 1956- 2017. The database may be searched by subject, author, title, keyword, series, and periodical title. Results of searches may be printed or downloaded. Updated annually. Online version also available using any of the networked computers in the Computer Room. Password required, please ask at the library desk for this.
A version of Dyabola is freely available at ZENON DAI.

Eurytes Ed. A.D.Dimarogonas. Volume shelved at X140A. 1992 volume held.
An electronic index to Synopsis. An annual index of Greek studies.

Bibliographic database. 2017 version contains over 585,000 entries with the latest data available on the internet, which also acts as a sampler for the full version. See Gnomon Online. This is based on the reviews in or quarterly supplements to Gnomon and consists of bibliographical records for the book reviews, supplemented by those for the Personalnachrichten and Nekrologie sections. However, the bibliographical appendix which appears in every other issue of the journal is included only from 1990 onwards. Bibliographical data from journals is included as well as entries from Oxford Classical Dictionary (3rd Ed.), Neue Pauly, Cambridge Ancient History and Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römische Welt. Searching is by author, title, periodical, thesaurus of 3000 words, or using a free text search.

Hellas fur Windows
Bibliographic database of literature on travel to Greece and Asia Minor until the mid 20th century.

Project Herakles. Bibliographical Databank on the Ancient World and Art including prices. This is the database of the bookseller and publisher "L'Erma" di Bretschn eider, and currently contains 9795 entries and dates from 1992 onwards, but has not been updated for a number of years. Emphasis is on Art / Archaeology. Searching is by t itle, author/editor, classification, year of publication or keyword.

L'Année Philologique
An important resource for Classicists (which is also available in print form) provides access to bibliographic records for books, conference papers, journal articles, on every aspect of Graeco-Roman antiquity. The online version covers years 1924 - 2014. Many of the entries have abstracts. It is possible to search for modern authors, ancient authors, keywords, periodical title and limit by year, language etc.

Oxford Classical Dictionary Oxford University Press, 2000. 3rd ed. Eds. S.Hornblower and A.Spawforth.
Bibliographic information for many entries.

Table of Contents of interest to Classicists. Freely available internet database based in Canada compiled by librarians worldwide.

Virgil bibliography By Philip Hardie and Stephanie Harrison.
Covers Aeneid, Bucolics, Georgics, V ita Vergilianae, Appendix Vergiliana. Author, subject and line indexes.