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Journals available from within the Library

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American Journal of Archaeology 1897-2015, Vols 1-119

American Journal of Archaeology and of the History of the Fine Arts 1885-1896, Vols. 1-11

American Journal of Philology Full text PDF from 1880-2009, Vols 1-130. Contents only from 2010-2013, Vols. 131-134.1

Annual of the British School at Athens Full text PDF from 1894-2011, Vols. 1-106. Contents only from 2012-13, Vols. 107-108

Archaeological Reports (JHS / BSA) 1954-2013, Vols. 1-60. Contents only 2013, Vol. 60

Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics 1962-2015, Vols. 1 - Third Series Vol. 22

Antichthon 2013- , vol. 47-

Athenian Agora 1953-2011, Vols. 1-34

Biblical Archaeologist 1938-1997, Vols. 1-60 (Continued by New Eastern Archaeology 1998-2015, Vols. 61-78, below)

Britannia 1970-2016 Vols. 1-47

British School at Athens Studies 1995-2011, Vols 1-19

British School at Athens. Supplementary Volumes 1966-2011, Vols. 3-46

British School at Athens. Supplementary Papers 1923-1957, Vols. 1-2

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem Full text PDF 1919-1921, Vols. 1-3

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research Full text PDF 1921-2011, Vols. 4-364. Contents only from 2012-15, Vols. 365-373

Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies Citation acces 1974-1996, Vols. 1-41, S67. Full-text PDF from 1997-2014, Vols. 41, S68-57.2.

Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 2006- , vol. 30-

California Studies in Classical Antiquity 1968-1979, Vols 1-12

Classical Antiquity Full text PDF 1982-2011, Vols. 1-30. Partial access 2012-2015, Vols. 31-34

Classical Journal Full text PDF 1905-2015, Vols. 1-10. Citation access 2012, Vol. 107 (3-4)

Classical Philology 2003- , vol. 98-

Classical Quarterly Full-text PDF from 1907-2015, Vols. 1-65.1 (New series).

Classical Receptions Journal Full-text PDF from 2009-2015, Vols.1-7.2

Classical Review Full-text PDF from 1887-2015. Vols. 1-65.1

Classical World 1957-2009, Vols. 51-103

Classical Weekly 1907-1957, Vols. 1-50

Classics Ireland 1994-2011, Vols. 1-18

Corinth (Excavation Reports) 1929-2010, Vols. 4-18

Gnomon: Kritische Zeitschrift f?r die gesamte klassische Altertumswissenschaft 1925-2009, Vols. 1-81

Greece and Rome Full-text PDF from 1931-2015. Vols. 1 - Second Series 62

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 1890-2011, Vols. 1-106

Hermathena Citation access only from 1873-2011, Vols. 1-191

Hermes 1866-2010, Vols. 1-138

Herom 2012-15, Vols. 1-4

Hesperia: Journal of the American School of Classical Studies1932-2015, Vols. 1-84

Hesperia Supplements 1937-2011, Vols. 1-46

Historia: Zeitschrift f?r Alte Geschichte 1950-2010, Vols. 1-59

Iraq 1934-2009, Vols. 1-74

Journal of Greek archaeology 2016- , vol. 1- (Click on "Continue to browse all digital downloads available through your account".)

Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 1914-2009, Vols. 1-95

Journal of Hellenic Studies 1880-2014, Vols 1-134

Journal of Hellenic Studies 2010-16 Vols. 130-136

Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology1997-2014 (with 3 month delay), Vols. 10-27

Journal of Roman Studies 1911-2013, Vols. 1-103

Journal of Roman Studies 2010-2016, Vols. 100-106

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 1962-2011, Vols. 1-47

Libyan studies 2012- , vol. 43-

Maynooth Review 1975-1989, Vols. 1-14

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 1915-2011, Vols. 1-57

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. Supplementary Volumes 2002-2009, Vols. 1-9

Mnemosyne 1852-2017, Vols. 1 - Fourth Series 70

Near Eastern Archaeology Full text PDF 1998-2012, Vols 61-75. Citation access 2013-2016, Vols. 76-79 (Continues The Biblical Archeologist 1938-1997, Vols. 1-60, above)

New York Latin Leaflet 1900-1907, Vols 1-7

Phoenix Full text PDF 1946-2013, Vols 1-67. Citation access from 2014-2016, Vols. 68-70

Phronesis 1955-2011, Vols. 1-56

Polis: The Journal of Greek Political Thought Full-text PDF from 1977-2016, Vol 1-33

Quaderni Urbinati di Cultura Classica 1966-2011, Vols 1 - New Series 99

Rheinisches Museum f?r Philologie, Geschichte und griechische Philosophie 1827-1832

Studien zur Altdgyptischen Kultur Full-text PDF from 1974-2011, Vols. 1-40

Supplementary Papers of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome 1905-1908, Vols. 1-2

Transactions of the American Philological Association (1869-1896) 1869-1896, Vols. 1-27

Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association 1897-1972, Vols. 28-103

Transactions of the American Philological Association Citation access from 2000-2016, Vols. 130-146. Full text PDF 2014, Vol. 144.1

Zeitschrift f?r Papyrologie und Epigraphik 1967-2013, Vols. 1-187

Classics and related journals freely available online

Please note that Ancient world online provides links to many Open Access Journals

Acta Classica

Agora Estudos Clássicos em Debate.

Akoue Newsletter of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.


American Journal of Archaeology

American Philological Association Newsletter


A.N.S. Numismatic Literature

Ancient Narrative

Anistoriton (also available in Greek)


Archaeology international

Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford, Newsletter


British Archaeology

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Bulletin de l?Institut fran?ais d?arch?ologie orientale

Byzantina Symmeikta

Canadian Classical Bulletin

Classics@: an online journal

Classics Ireland 1994-2005, See also above under off-site access for 1994-2008



CUCD Council of University Classical Departments Bulletin

Current Epigraphy

Dictynna: revue poétique latine


Digressus: the internet journal for the classical world

Dionysius ex machina : rivista online di studi sul teatro antico

Eisodos : journal for ancient literature and theory

Electra [Covers ancient Greek and Roman mythology and religion] Vol.1 -, 2011 -

Electronic Antiquity




Folia Electronica Classica

Forum Archaeologiae Zeitschrift für Klassische Archäologie

Forum Classicum Zeitschrift für die Fächer Latein und Griechisch an Schulen und Universitäten

Frankfurter elektronische Rundschau zur Altertumskunde FeRA


Göttinger Forum für Altertumswissenschaft

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies

Hispania epigraphica

Histara - les comptes rendus


HISTOS: The on-line journal of ancient historiography

Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology

Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology

Journal for Late Antique Religion and Culture

Lampeter Working Papers in Classics

Lanx : rivista della Scuola di specializzazione in archeologia dell'Universit? degli studi di Milano

Leeds International Classical Studies

Logeion : journal of ancient theatre

New Voices in Classical Reception Studies

Nuntius antiquus

Oral Tradition


Petronian Society Newsletter

Plato: the Internet Journal of the International Plato Society

Plekos: Periodikon OnLine zur Erforschung Der Kommunikationsstrukturen in der Spätantike



Practitioners' Voices in Classical Reception Studies (PVCRS) ISSN 1756-5049 Companion to New Voices in Classical Reception Studies - see above

Quaderni del ramo d'oro

Retiarius (Published in Latin annually. Covers post-antique Latin language and literature.)

Revista Arquemurcia

Revue Internationale des Droits de L’ Antiquite

Rheinisches Museum f?r Philologie free full-text access for vols. 3 years after publication from v. 1, 1827

Rivista di Diritto Romano

Rosetta: Papers of the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham

Rursus : poetics, reception and rewriting of ancient texts

Scholia: studies in classical antiquity

Scholia Reviews

Sken?: journal of theatre and drama studies

SPARTA: journal of ancient and Greek history

Studies in Mycenaean Inscriptions and Dialect (SMIDonline)


Teiresias: a Review and continuing Bibliography of Boiotian Studies


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