Electronic Resources

There are currently four library computers for members to use, after making a booking at the Library reception desk.

Members are welcome to bring in their laptops to use with our wireless network as follows:

Login using uol-open on the University network. The system requests your user name which is not your name but your library card number (Institute or Society cards). The number starts off with 081 or 032 and will be 10 digits and should be input without spaces. The next step is to put in your password which is your surname, all in lower case letters.

Many of the electronic resources are only available via the library computers in the computer room. Please ask for assistance with any of the programs and staff may be able to give guidance / advice from the Reception desk or arrange a short training session at a mutually convenient time. Please ask for Sue Willetts in the first instance.

Please note: Printing may now be sent to a black and white printer at the Library desk (Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 1320n) The cost is 10p per page for black and white copies, From the Print function, please ensure that you select the correct printer