Filmstrips for Sale

Filmstrips for sale with notes:

The title is followed by the name of the compiler of the filmstrip /author of the notes, & price code.
The letters (A), (B) or (C) indicate the price code.
(A) = £10.00, (B) = £12.00, (C) = £14.00.
Please add 50p per film strip for UK delivery and £1 per film strip for overseas delivery

  • (Athens) Agora. T.B.L.Webster (C)
  • Art in Southern Roman Britain. M.Henig. (A)
  • Athens. P.E.Corbett (B)
  • The Baths of Caracalla. J.Delaine. (A)
  • Cyprus. V.Karageorghis. Titles of slides only, no lecture notes (B)
  • Greek Architecture. R.E.Wycherley (C)
  • Greek Athletics. S.Instone (A)
  • Greek Drama in Pictures. T.B.L.Webster. revised D.C.Quare. (B)
  • Greek Gods & Heroes. P.E.Corbett. (A)
  • Greek Kitchen in Antiquity. B.A.Sparkes. (B)
  • Greek Theatre & its Scenery. T.B.L.Webster. revised D.C.Quare (A)
  • Greek Vase Painting. A.W.Johnston (B)
  • Minoan Crete. F.H.Stubbings (B)
  • Mycenaean Greece. F.H.Stubbings (B)
  • New Comedy in Performance: The Cook, The Miser, His Tart & Her Mother. by R.W.Shone. (A)
  • Pompeii. M.W.Frederiksen. (B)
  • Roman Architecture. R.J.Ling (C)
  • Roman Army. P.Connolly. (B) No longer available for sale only for hire
  • Roman Britain I: Historical & Military Aspects. T.W.Potter (A)
  • Roman Britain II: Civilian Life. T.W.Potter (A)
  • Sicily & Magna Graecia. A.G.Woodhead (C)
  • Thera. F.H.Stubbings.(C)
  • Troy. P.M.Warren. (C)