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They are held on cards in three drawers in the library office, where they may be browsed through. Individual subjects may be searched for the listings below. Each link corresponds to a folder of press cuttings. Please note that this is not designed to be a fully searchable catalogue – the links are for listings and brief summaries of the cuttings held.

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Other classicist news

Archaeology, conservation and museums

British archaeology: Sites A-C; Sites D-L; London; Sites M-S; Sites T-Z
Archaeology abroad: Egypt; Greece; Italy; Miscellaneous Sites A-M; Miscellaneous Sites N-Z
Marine Archaeology
The search for Atlantis
Archaeological techniques
Conservation problems and solutions: Britain; abroad
Effects of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq
Illegal trade in antiquities
Sales of artifacts
The ownership of antiquities
Elgin Marbles debate
British Museum
Museums: Britain; abroad
Heritage news: Britain; abroad

Ancient life and classics today

Roman Britain
Classical Figures
Ancient life: sport and games; military life; travel + trade; natural world + technology; health + medicine; philosophy + religion; food + drink; dress; music
Early Christianity
Ancient Language
Ancient numerals and calendars
Ancient literature
Classical languages today
Modern Literature
Theatre productions (modern)
Athens Olympics (2004)
Modern Greece and Italy
Classical Organisations and Publications
Classics in schools and universities
University of London news / University news (general)
Library news and bibliographical resources